Mac can print test page but nothing else

If you see an exclamation point , the test failed and required user action, but the step was skipped. If you see a an X , follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue. Try to print. Click Network, then click Troubleshoot Firewalls. Click the name of any firewall software on your system that has an Enabled status, then click Disable.

Dell CNW will print test pages but nothing else. - Dell Community

After changing adding these ports as exceptions, re-enable the firewall in the Print and Scan Doctor. If you cannot print, the firewall software is not causing the issue. Re-enable the firewall in the Print and Scan Doctor, then continue to the next step. Search Windows for view local services, then click the View local services Control panel setting in the list of results. The Services window opens. Locate Print Spooler in the list.

If the Status is blank, right click Print Spooler, then click Start.

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If the status is Running, right click Print Spooler, then click Restart. To allow Windows 10 to automatically manage your default printer based on the last printer you used, confirm that the Let Windows manage my default printer setting is on. Click your printer name, then click Manage to view the printer status and access additional printer troubleshooting, properties, and preferences features. Figure : Manage your printer in settings If you still cannot print, continue to the next step.

Make sure you have all Apple software updates installed

If your printer connects to the computer with a USB cable, disconnect the cable from the printer. Search Windows for programs and features, then click Programs and Features in the list of results.

As of CUPS version 1. This is caused by a print job being sent through a filter twice, once on the local machine and once on the remote. See also the warning on the main CUPS page. Make sure Avahi is set up correctly. Sometimes Windows is a little less than forthcoming about exact device URIs device locations.

If having trouble specifying the correct device location in CUPS, run the following command to list all shares available to a certain windows username:. This will list every share available to a certain Windows username on the local area network subnet, as long as Samba is set up and running properly.

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It should return something like this:. What is needed here is first part of the last line, the resource matching the printer description. To fix this create a Udev rule marking the device as matched by libsane:. USB printers can be accessed using two methods: The usblp kernel module and libusb. The former is the classic way. It is simple: data is sent to the printer by writing it to a device file as a simple serial data stream. Reading the same device file allows bi-di access, at least for things like reading out ink levels, status, or printer capability information PJL.

Source: here. If you have problems getting your USB printer to work, you can try blacklisting the usblp kernel module :. Custom kernel users may need to manually load the usbcore kernel module before proceeding. Once the modules are installed, plug in the printer and check if the kernel detected it by running the following:.

If you are using usblp , the output should indicate that the printer has been detected like so:. The Linux kernel automatically suspends USB devices when there is driver support and the devices are not in use. This can save power, but some USB printers think that they are disconnected when the kernel suspends the USB port, preventing printing. This can be fixed by deactivating autosuspend for the specific device, see Power management USB autosuspend.

Check the permissions of the printer USB device.

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Get the bus and device number from lsusb :. If you think the permissions look wrong, you can change the group and permission temporarily:. To make a persistent permission change that will be triggered automatically each time the USB device is attached, add the following line:. Each system may vary, so consult udev List the attributes of a device wiki page.

This happens on HP printers when you select the old hpijs driver e. Use the hpcups driver instead. Some HP printers require their firmware to be downloaded from the computer every time the printer is switched on. If there is an issue with udev or equivalent and the firmware download rule is never fired, you may experience this issue. As a workaround, you can manually download the firmware to the printer. Ensure the printer is plugged in and switched on, then run. Still baffled, but for now it's working fine.

Pixma MX922 test page good but will not print documents in black ink

Thanks for your help, it was much appreciated. Sometimes they do "pop in" themselves. Thing you need to do is keep working on it and not give up, which you have done well. I will mark this resolved. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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  • Prints a test page fine, but nothing else.
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