Mac media lipstick vs diva

MAC Lipstick Comparison on a Filipina – Are You a Diva or a Rebel?

Sin also has a matte formula, but it is slightly drier. Unlike Diva , this will emphasize any dryness on your lips so making sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized is a must. The Verdict Honestly, these shades are so different when you actually compare the two. I love both of them, but it just comes down to color preference with this one.

If you prefer more of a red toned lipstick, Diva is the one for you.

However, if you like to go full on vamp, I would suggest Sin because it is a lot darker. Although both shades are matte, the formula is slightly different. Diva is creamier so you can get away with having slightly chapped lips, but Sin will not be so forgiving pun intended because it is a bit drier. If I had to pick one I would pick Sin just because it is darker and vampier.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Which one do you prefer? It's basically Angel in matte form. My favourite way to wear this is patted into the lips for a more subtle colour, perfect for the warmer months. It's the perfect peachy pink shade and the cremesheen finish means it's quite shiny, making it super comfortable.

The colour is between a pink and a nude, so it's the perfect bridal lipstick, and I also use this on a lot of formal clients who aren't sure what colour lip to go for. Patisserie lustre Patisserie would have to be my all time favourite MAC lipstick - since depotting my lipsticks into their palette I need to buy a new one of these. It's the perfect "my lips but better" colour, and although some gold specks are visible in the bullet, they don't really show up on the lips - they just add a nice sheen.

The lustre finish means it feels quite like a balm and the colour is sheer, so it's the perfect no brainer lipstick when you don't want to think about what to match it with.

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I didn't like it on myself at first because I felt like it made me look a bit dead, however after wearing it for a little while it seems to settle in somehow and look nicer. It also looks nice paired with a darker liner to add some depth.

Jubilee lustre I think this would have to be my second favourite MAC lipstick, just after Patisserie. It's so comfortable that is seriously feels like a lip balm when you apply it. The colour is a beautiful warm nude "MLBB" shade and it's perfect for both everyday and those times when you're unsure what lipstick to pair with the rest of your makeup.

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I can't recommend this lipstick enough. Velvet Teddy matte Velvet Teddy is quite a dark, warm nude that looks slightly different on everyone. I find it works best on medium-tanned skintones, as it can look a bit too light on darker skins and a bit grungey borderline dirty on pale skins such as myself.

This is definitely one of my most used lipsticks on clients, partly because the matte formula is guaranteed to stay on well, and also because the colour is so versatile. It pairs really nicely with Whirl lipliner by MAC. I use this lipstick so often on clients, sometimes alone and sometimes mixed with Velvet Teddy.

Mac Media Lipstick Vs Diva - iwate-kokyo

I find this lipstick to be quite long wearing, again probably due to its matte formula. It's a gorgeous peachy nude shade that I'd also recommend checking out. Taupe matte On me this lipstick is a dark, grungey brown, however on darker skins this lipstick is almost like a nude or "MLBB" colour. I love how versatile this lipstick is and I often use it to darken other lipsticks. The matte formula again makes it quite long wearing and this lipstick pairs nicely with "Whirl" lipliner as well. Diva matte Diva is a beautiful deep, blue-based red so it makes your teeth look super white.

I honestly think this lipstick looks amazing on everybody, from extremely pale to extremely dark skins so I'd recommend it to absolutely anybody. This is also the perfect shade for creating an ombre lip, using a darker liner like MAC's Nightmoth around the edges.

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Media satin The satin formula is probably my least favourite of all lipsticks, therefore I don't find myself reaching for Media very often at all. I love the colour a beautiful dark burgundy , however it wears off too quickly and does that ugly fade on the middle of the bottom lip thing that I hate, so I don't find myself using this lipstick much.

This shade has warm undertones, so I feel that it suits Asian skins and other warm toned skins much better than Ruby Woo or Russian Red. I also find sometimes that bright reds can look a bit clown-like on pale skin, but because Viva Glam I is a bit more muted, it doesn't have that effect.