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How to remove and clear out Cache on macOS High Sierra 10.13

UI bugs and the new features hardly work. For sure, Apple should stop these yearly updates and concentrate on giving us a decent and stable OS X. Helvetica Neue is too thin, too light, too small, and too low of contrast, to use as a display font, particularly on non-retina displays, where it looks blurry and outright horrible. Switch the horrid Yosemite system font to Lucida Grande and your eyes will thank you.

How can I change the iTunes font to make it bigger in Yosemite? Unfortunately it did not work for my systems. I really think this is just yet another in a string of issues brought about by too fast OS releases. Hopefully Did you repair both disk permissions and user permissions?

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Be sure to run the font command with sudo as well, this trick should work to resolve that problem in Yosemite and any other version of OS X for that matter! I gotta agree. Name required.

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Clear Font Caches & Font Databases in Mac OS X to Resolve Unusual Font Problems

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July 19, at pm. Sinlo says:. I was having trouble with my font cache in Photoshop, so per Adobe's instructions I reset the font cache with: sudo atsutil databases —remove Now, while most applications will show my fonts, Font Book comes up completely empty: Is there something I need to do in order to restore my Font Book database? Restarting my computer fixed it.

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