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SOLVED: Intel HD Graphics Card Upgradability? - Mac Mini Late - iFixit

CellAnimation I agree. While intels graphics used to suck they're not THAT bad now. I am not sure what to do. To buy the 13 inch pro or the 15 inch pro with the AMD card. Its much better overall. Yeah I think thats my best bet.


Can the graphics card be removed and upgraded? I would recommend anyone getting a Macbook Pro to get the screen upgrade.

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But you might be able to use Thunderbolt. I just bought the new 13" MacBook Pro today. This laptop outperforms the previous generation Nvidia by a long shot. This graphics card is completely different than previous Intel Graphics Cards. Go get it, and at the same time, enjoy the Ferrari! Urworstnhtmare No. The answer is simple; Don't buy Apple, and purchase something that actually has a decent ratio between performance and price. Tezcatlipoca Equivalent to PS3?

However there starting to step up to the plate. It will be fine for most games, just not the intensive ones like BF3 or TW2. But for OP, the m is a much better choice. I actually have one in my laptop and I can play most games with good FPS, no problem. Though I OC'd mine a bit. The Intel HD is okay. It's alot better than Intel's past integrated graphics. Bring back the main forum list.

Playable Games List for Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000

Intel's on-board GPUs in the new Macbook Pro 13"s are not optimized for mac graphics, but I can easily get the game to run in Windows 7 boot camp mode will all the graphics settings on maximum. King's Bounty is not a graphically intensive game - but I am curious to know if the team at Codeweavers has made any further attempt to get their software optimized with intel's chip found on newer Mac 13's.

If not, I find this compatibility page should have some sort of warning that says the game will NOT run on a Macbook pro with an Intel integrated graphics board. Has there been any improvement with the integrated Intel Graphics drivers on new Macbook Pros 13"? Inadequacies with Intel GPU chipsets and 3d Games in Crossover boil down to the drivers for the cards on the Mac, as you've noted, and I'm afraid that there really isn't much that we can do. Crossover works by translating the windows d3d calls to openGL, and then sends those calls to your graphics driver for rendering.

The drivers for the Intel GPU's on Mac are weaker than their windows counterparts which of course are optimized for d3d , and often don't support all of the openGL extensions that are being used to provide the "translation" for the game, which results in hideous errors. I know that this situation sucks for users with Intel GPU's, but our hands are mostly tied.

Recommended System Requirements

Jun 25, Question Lag on Directx9 games. Jun 13, Apr 5, Feb 13, The controller can be split into two x8s or 1 x8 and 2 x4. In this case one of the x4 ports is used for Thunderbolt, leaving 4 unused lanes and a x8 for the GPU. I don't expect this move will have a noticeable impact on GPU performance.

Based on what we saw in our original mobile Sandy Bridge review this should mean that GPU performance between the two stays the same. The two tests focus on different aspects of SC2 gameplay.

Black Screen - Intel HD Graphics 3000 - confirmed

The CPU test looks at performance during a very large battle which, as you might guess, is largely influenced by CPU performance. Under Windows running WoW the situation is quite different and I'm not entirely sure why. Either Apple is very aggressive with driver optimizations under OS X or there's some other funniness happening under Windows more on this later. I did notice some bouts of instability with the inch MacBook Pro as well as minor graphical corruption on the screen. Early on whenever I'd boot the system up I'd get a copy of the mouse cursor in the upper left of the screen. The Intel HD services is part of the processor chip set.

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  • Hi, unfortunately u cannot upgrade ur graphics card because it comes soldered to the logic board. Good luck.

    World of Wacraft (Intel HD 3000 gameplay)