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Quicken Help. Mac for Lion. Converting your Quicken data to the latest version of Quicken will be difficult, as the Quicken conversion tool is also a bit app and will not work with Catalina. Transaction Download Due to an upcoming security and reliability update from the service provider, the ability to download transactions will no longer work in Quicken , regardless of your macOS version. Converting your Quicken for Mac or older file This conversion can only be completed on a Mac system that has not been updated to macOS Catalina.

Install the latest version of Quicken for Mac. Was this article helpful?

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  • I got it Not really Help us improve our support center. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact Support Ask our community for help and to learn more about Quicken. Why was this article not helpful? The article is difficult to understand. What can we do to improve this article? Converting Your Data Quicken for Mac. How to activate your Quicken membership. Try these:. I believe they understand the importance of backward compatibility to users, and if they ever did ditch the traditional Quicken for an online product it would require equivalent functionality and compatibility with existing data.

    After all, people do not use Quicken just for fun… they keep track of important things such as cost basis of securities for tax treatment , charitable donations, etc. Eventually, I had to run an emulator with the Windows versions to accomplish anything. If you are serious about using Quicken as a tool to manage finances, Windows as much as I hate Microsoft is the only way to go.

    I also wonder how hard it really is to port over the Windows version of Quicken over to Mac since they are both on Intel processors now. Seems like I can get a Mac version of just about everything else. I first heard of Mint more than 4 years ago, and have talked to all sorts of people that love it. The issue for me, as a marketing analyst, is that I know Mint. I would sign up, and pay for it, if I had a guarantee my data would be only visible to me and not available for data mining.

    I grew tired of Quicken getting more buggy and unstable with each release and their three-year forced upgrades , and I wanted software that would run natively on my Mac. They have a trial version that allows you to import Quicken data, download transactions, and enter up to transactions manually, so you get a good chance to try it before you buy it.

    Quicken 2007 and Lion will play nice for $15

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    Quicken For Mac Review

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      mac - If I upgrade to OS X (Lion), will Intuit Quicken still work? - Ask Different

      We bought essentials 3 years ago, don't care if it was released 7 years ago, that's not the Apple App Model. The model is to keep software running, when apple releases new versions, not release brand new apps to make people pay for them again and again and again. Class action anyone?

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      Review: Quicken 2007 for Mac OS X Lion

      March edited September in Errors and Troubleshooting Mac. I can't open Quicken after Mac Sierra Version When I try to open it tells me that you can't use this version of Quicken Essentials with this version of macOS. I can't even access the program to update it because it won't let me in it. How do I update my Quicken when I can't even access the program? Please help novice user. Thanks in advance.