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The player, as the manager of the business, must lay track, build stations, purchase and schedule trains, and, if the player wishes, handle individual train movement and build additional industries. The game also has other railroads attempting to put the player out of business by stock dealings as well as by "Rate Wars" between railroads.

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The player is given one million dollars half equity, half loan at the beginning of the game. The player can get more cash by selling , dollar bonds at various interest rates depending on the current economic condition in the game. In the West-US version, a million-dollar bonus awaits the first railroad to link the west coast with land east of the Mississippi. Apart from the Signal Tower, which acts as a passing loop and may control movements, each of these stations services the surrounding area, with the depot serving its own square and the adjoining eight squares, the station takes another ring as well, and the terminal handles up to three squares away from the center.

A player is limited to building 32 stations.

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When the player builds the first station they also build their first engine shop. Each engine shop is the manufacturing area for the player's different trains.

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  8. The player can upgrade and downgrade depots, stations, and terminals. Other facilities such as cool stores and hotels may be added. Once the player builds a station they can build their first train of the 32 permitted at any engine shop. The player then can add cars to the train and send it on its way.

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    The player can at any time change the "consist", which is the list of cars the train is to pick up at the various stations along the way. These include pure mail and passenger cars and specialized freight cars for each of the other nine types of commodity produced in the game. The player can continue to build the track network and build stations until the player runs out of funds.

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    The latest version is 1. See below the changes in each version:. Continue to AirTycoon 3.

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