Making the switch to mac from pc

For business owners in a modern business world, IT security is the leading technology priority. Business leaders want to know that no matter what tech tools their using, their company data is secure and protected from invasion.

The state of switching to Windows from Mac in 12222

Many modern PC users might have their heart committed to Windows Defender, however, there are a variety of intuitive and built-in security tools that make the switch to Mac worth it. Perhaps the most important consideration when making the switch from PC to Mac is making sure you know how to use your new machine. Here are some key functionality concerns to help new Mac users post-switch:. However, you need not worry that your Mac is dead in the water when the system freezes. However, in true Apple fashion, there is a command in place to force-quit crashed or frozen applications.

Simply hit Command-Alt-Esc to reboot the app or your machine and get business moving again. On Mac laptops, the mousepad is a giant square with no separations to designate left and right click buttons. Users simply have to download the iCloud application to the Windows Control Panel.

2. Consider Options for Putting Windows on the Mac

For some tech users, coming to understand an entirely new operating system is especially challenging. In these cases, it is, in fact, possible to run Windows 10 on a new Mac. In fact, many experts claim that running Windows operating systems on Mac machines offers a much more stable operational experience. To run Windows on a Mac, however, businesses will need access to a virtual machine like those explained here.

Professionals rely on a variety of business applications to draft documents, connect with clients and colleagues and manage productivity. Luckily, for Office fans, Mac is equipped to support Office subscriptions. The Mac-based Office apps function nearly identically to the Windows counterparts.

For most, sticking with what you know is the smartest option. However, for those looking to make a complete departure from Microsoft, there Apple offers its own collection of applications, called iWork. Check out some of the leading Mac apps below:. The app also includes a variety of dynamic and eye-catching templates that help business drafts stand out. Spreadsheets are a critical resource for business operations in any industry. Numbers tries to improve on the mundane Excel format by including colorful tabs and easy to understand features, making it a much less intimidating interface to use.

Making the Switch: Strategies for Switching from Windows PC to Mac

Almost everyone who has worked in a professional setting has created or watched a PowerPoint presentation. Add the ability to collaborate with others, using cross-platform compatibility, and iWork becomes serious competition for Microsoft Office in the pursuit of creating a productivity powerhouse for businesses. Alternatively, if your Mac is still bootable you can use the Mac App Store to download the latest version of OS X for reinstallation over the existing installation without losing data.

Just search for the name of the version of OS X you're using that is, Yosemite or El Capitan , and click the Download link alongside it. If you're running an older version of OS X that lack the App Store you will need to use Software Update instead, which you'll find it on the Apple menu.

Alternatively, if your Mac is old enough you can use the installation DVD-ROM that came with the computer - just insert it, then reboot and hold down D before the Apple logo appears. However, since Mac OS X It's also possible to create an installation USB stick. There's no need for any of this.

Apple includes macOS free with every Mac and, since , both major and minor updates have also been free for any Mac that's compatible. Therefore, the idea of a Mac running an illegitimate copy of macOS doesn't really make sense at least outside of the Hackintosh scene.

Great-ish expectations

There isn't one. Apple mostly eschews serial numbers across its entire product range and apps install without any such nonsense. Just follow the instructions. Installing Linux is not officially supported but can be achieved via apps like rEFIt. Boot Camp Assistant will also create a USB stick full of the necessary Windows drivers, and repartition the disk to make space for Windows.